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Ruling planets in KP - Live Example

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Dear Shri Sunil Nair ji,
Ruling Planets is the most easiest way to predict on finger tips without having to do anything with Calculation of Charts, too much of analysing etc. One can at times also predict the marriage, yes or no, and also the timing (dates) of marriage with this technique without using pen, paper, calculator or computer or Panchang (If the event is to be known for any month of the coming year and date). But one must know the extent of Nakshatras on the fingertips. That is the only requisite required. One must also know some basic mathematics done in astrology. Complicated is not required. If you search for the archives of this Group, you will find some explanations given by me in the past on the subject Ruling planets where i have given very simple methods and way on how to check these.
We must check the karaks of the Query if present in the Ruling planets. What does Ruling Planets (RP) means. It simply means the Lagna Lord, The Moon Nakshatra Lord, The Moon Raashi Lord and the Day Lord at moment of judgement. If you notice at the time of judgement these were Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter again. Rahu should be bracketed with Jupiter and not Mars (I made a typo mistake in the morning), because Rahu is posited in the sign of Jupiter. I also made one more typo in the morning. Instead of Venus in the RP's write Mercury. I am in the habit of writing symbols instead of the words of Planets and the symbol of Venus and Mercury is nearly same except for the crown on top for Mercury, so while writing my mail today morning in half sleep I made a mistake.
Okay now we have the planets as RP's. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury Jupiter and Rahu.
Mars and Rahu appearing in the RP's shows the connection of Electricity and that the event we are looking for, would happen or take place.
Saturn not appearing in the RP's shows that too much of delay must not be expected.
Jupiter 2 times and Lagna at time of judgement being Pisces itself gives us the clue that the event shoulkd take place within the period of the Lagna Pisces remaining.
Now all one has to do is check the equations. We all know that The Lagna has a certain degree which keeps moving ahead, and so does the Star Lord of the ascendant keeps changing. Now in KP there is one more addition to this equation which is known as the Sub lord. From the Hindi Local Panchanga which I use, I got the details that Pisces Lagna in Bombay begins at 25.32 or 1.32am and ends at 27.07 or 3.07am. at time of judgement which was 2.10am common sense says that halkf of the Lagna space was already covered app. and I have to look for study in the next half.
Now the equations stand as under in Pisces.
The sign Pisces has 3 constellations in it , the first owned byJupiter upto 3.20 degrees, and the next, Saturn upto 16.40 and next balance Mercury. Since Jupiter period has already been crossed over, and Saturn does not appear in the RP's, while Mercury does, I knew that the Light has to come in any case within the Pisces Lagna period. Now when ? The Pisces ascendant attains the Mercury constellation when it reaches 16.40degrees. So here I got the first part required for my Prediction completed. the event was confirmed that it would take place within this Lagna itself since the facors of the Ruling Planets were repated in the equations. Now remained narrowing down the prediction to the exact time. For this I had to look for the SubLords. I figured that from 24.06 degrees to 27.53 degrees is the area of passage of the ascendant which should trigger the event. Now since I did not have the computer I did the calculation manually. This area of 24.06 degrees uptil 27.53 degrees is at the end of the zodiac sign Pisces which ends at IST 3.07am I begin my calculations from backwards. 1 degree is equal to 4 minutes, so 30 degrees minus 24 degrees is equal to 6 degrees or 24 minutes.
The simple calculation which I did was to substract 24 minutes from IST 27.03 minutes and got the time 26.40IST which was relayed to my companions in the Bedroom.
best wishes,

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To Shri Kaul ji and other ayanamsha wallahs who keep asking us to change our machines and tools, and use theirs instead.

The following true prediction has been done through the inputs derived from the Lahiris ayanamsha and not any other Bogus one. So it is definitely an "Almighty one". My prediction cannot be a fluke because those who have studied and know KP, also know how this is done. I have done this many time before. My students too can do this within few minutes. It is a scientific,logical and methodical process, which all above Lovers of KP know very well. So dnot bother us with ayanamshas any more, because predictions to the minute can be done only though this ayanamasha, Lahiris or KP, and none other.

Dear Friends,

Am giving a small example of the power of Ruling Planets and KP Padhaty as under -

Last night for the first time in a year or so, I went to sleep early at 12.00pm midnight exactly.
But it was not long before we got up at around 2.00am. Why ? Because there was a black out in our area and electricity was off. This does not happen more than once or twice in Bombay, especially in the area where I live,Worli. We were very much perturbed because we are accustomed to sleep with the AC and fan both on in our room. And though my bedroom is in the Vayukona of my residence, there is no vayu in it due to rotation of the earth, at night time.

We were sweating profusely. At that time I remembered that I as an astrologer must attempt to find out when the Lights would come back. I asked my wife to get the Panchanga from the Balcony where I had shifted my Bedroom books temporarily. She got the same, and a paper and pen were readily kept near my pillow which I usually keep to note down pending tasks as and when I remember them.
The time of judgment was 2.10am (3rd June 2011) . The Ruling Planets I got from the Panchanga were Jupiter, Mars(Rahu),Venus and Jupiter again. I had taken Jupiter as the day Lord since in our Hindu system we consider the day to be over only at next Sunrise and not before. I also noted down the beginning and ending of the Lagna arising at that time , which was Pisces. Since more than half the portion of the Lagna was already covered at time of judgement,I started calculating from backwards and just had to make only one calculation of a subtraction, and manually without use of a Calculator. I got the time for the electricity, to come back at 2.40am. I told my wife and son who both sleep in the same room, that the Lights would arrive in half hour at 2.40am. I also told my wife additionally that it could come anytime between 2.40 am beginning to 2.48am. There was not a single calculation mistake on my paper and neither any overwriting. I also wrote on it that "the Light will come between 2.40am to 2.48am". This took me just not more than 5 minutes to calculate with Light thrown from my Mobile Torch. I subsequently kept them busy talking so that they do not fall asleep and was boasting to them all the time, that you wait and see, the writing on the wall is that the lights would come on at 2.40 am, etc.etc..My wife she knows about the astrology I am into, and my son is a strong disbeliever and critic of astrology. (He is finished his B Com and is pursuing his CA studies)

When the Mobile clock struck 2.40, the wonder of wonders, the Lights in the building gallery came on and in next few seconds also of our room. I asked my son to look at the time in my Mobile phone which showed 2.40am. My sleep vanished and I bowed down to the Great Guru Shri Krishnamurthy ji for this technique and also my own KP Guru Shri Suresh Sahasne ji through whom I had learnt this technique.

I have had many occasions in the past to predict on dot for events of day to day matters, but this one was like magic, because in darkness when the Lights come back at the exact moment when the astrologer has suggested, for the audience it becomes a spectacular show. I am sure now I will now look like Rambo to my wife for next few days till her amazement wears down and I may have to look for something new to impress her. About my son, I am not sure since not met him since morning, but this much I am sure that he will now stop criticizing my time spent on astrology and astrology itself.

best wishes,

The author of this Mail is Bhaskar Jyotish, a KP and Vedic Astrologer residing in Mumbai.